Looking for our Privacy Policy?

To access our privacy policy go to: https://ipsharkk.com/privacy-policy/

How does IPSharkk work?

IP Sharkk is a Network program that randomly sends a different IP signal to each member of a group of internet users who share their own IP and are concerned about their internet security. Basically, everyone shares their IP with each other and no one knows who is who because the address changes constantly. That is the FREE Version. However, If you have restrictions on allowing public IP access, or don’t want your IP known by anyone, then we have the Premium Version. This software comes with Unlimited IP Changes, is Ads Free, works with secure pages (Https), comes with dedicated Free Online Support and is Secure – No IP Sharing.

How to change password?

It’s very easy.

Just go to https://ipsharkk.com/password-recovery/ and fill the form.

Why did you develop IPSharkk?

There was no other software like it! There are similar products out there, but they are much simpler in functionality. Inferior software products use only a couple of IPs to connect, which can allow surveillance agents after time to figure out that the surfer is using a proxy and then may be able to block it. With IP Sharkk you get real IPs from real people and no one can tell that it is not your IP.

I forgot my password. How can I retrieve it?

Please click here to use our form to get your password.

What if someone tries to use my IP for criminal activity?

There is always a risk that someone will misuse any software. We want to help people who want to protect their privacy for legitimate reasons. We are anti-criminal and do not tolerate any abuse in our system which is proactively monitored to eliminate any misuse. The Premium Version of IP Sharkk eliminates this added safety concern.

Does the FREE Version really protect my privacy?

Absolutely! The FREE Version has full functionality and will protect your IP address. The main difference is that you must share your IP with other users, but with the Premium Version you don’t. In Premium Version you are also able to redirect Https connections (Click here to see comparison chart).

Do you offer support for the FREE Version?

No, support is offered only for the Premium Version.

Is it possible to change IPs while surfing?

Absolutely! You can get a new IP in a matter of seconds. With the FREE Version you can change IP once every hour. With the Premium Version you can change an unlimited number of times.

I downloaded IpSharkk and tried to use it but my IP remains unchanged. What should I do?

Please go to Tools > Settings menu and make sure that Http and Https connections are redirected (in Free Version only Http redirection is available, to redirect Https please purchase Premium Version)

Can I use IPSharkk on multiple computers at once?

No, IpSharkk license is only valid for one PC so it will not work on others.

Can I manually set my IP and not have it automatically changed while surfing?

Because IPs change depending on availability, you can disable auto-change as long as the IP you want to use is available.

Can I set IpSharkk to auto change IP every minute and set the changed IP pool in a specific country?

Yes, you can set the software to auto change IP every minute but you cannot change the IP pool as it currently rotates through all IP’s in the system.

Does IpSharkk support Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, Opera and Google Chrome?


Does your Premium Version actually change or mask IP?

IpSharkk actually changes your IP. This way, your real IP is never visible and your outgoing connections go through our servers.

Will IpSharkk work on my laptop on both wired and wireless settings?


If I purchase your Premium Version and decide not to continue with my subscription, will I still be billed?

No. Billing stops as soon as you end subscription.

How do I end my subscription?

You can do that by visiting your Paypal account, clicking Transaction Details and Cancel Subscription.

Does an unlimited IP list mean I won’t be using an IP address more than once?

Our IP database is huge but there is a possibility that you will use the same IP.

If I purchase your Premium Version and decide not to continue, can I cancel my subscription and get a refund?

Yes, you may cancel your subscription any time, however, we do no not give refunds. Please try the Free Version first as it is very similar to Premium with only a few limitations in place.

How do I pay for a Premium membership?

We accept Paypal and credit card payments.

Once I sign up and pay for the Premium Version, how long after will I be able to download it?

You can download it immediately, confirmation email with all login details will be sent immediately.

Why does my computer keep changing the IP I have manually set?

When a manually set IP becomes unavailable, IpSharkk automatically changes it.

How will I be billed after making my first payment?

You will be billed monthly by Paypal from the date you signed up.vHowever, you will only be asked for your credit card details once (upon sign up).

Why am I not getting confirmation email after registering with your program?

Please check your Spam/Bulk folder where it might have landed. It usually arrives immediately after sign-up, but please wait couple minutes if it doesn’t show up immediately.

While trying to join a forum, I get the message, “post method not available in the Free Version” from IpSharkk. What does this mean?

Post method is used to post anything on or send data to the Internet and is available only in IpSharkk Premium.

After reaching my IP change quota in Free Version, how long after will the limit be reset?

IP limit is reset in 24 hrs which means you start from zero by the next day.

Can I change my IP for other Internet activities aside from surfing?

You but the software you want to use Ip Sharkk has to have socks 4/5 support.

Are the IPs exclusive to me if I buy the Premium Version?

IPs are not exclusive and anyone within our network may use them.

I want to purchase Premium Version but Paypal is asking me for credit card details which I don’t have. Is there another way to pay?

You can use Paypal’s Send Money feature and we will activate your account manually.

After paying for the Premium Version and receiving notice of account activation, do I still need to download it?

Not anymore if you already have the Free Version. The Premium Version is the same software as the Free Version except for lifted Free Version restrictions and some added features.

FAQ didnt solve your problem?

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